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The States Planning 1

So I don’t know if you know this already but I’ll be transferring to Uni of Michigan – Ann Arbor this August for fall semester. I want to sorta get my healthy diet and exercise going good so that when finals week kicks in and all or just generally during hectic weeks, I wont stray thaat far. I know I’ll need to have

  • blender
  • oven, baking tray, baking dish
  • microwave

And I will most probably get frozen berries, acai packets, spinach and/or kale, bananas, etc. for my morning smoothies or nice cream for when I feel like it. Thus, staples should include dessicated coconut, cacao powder and oats. One thing I want to note is getting almonds and a cheesecloth to make my almond milk personally + also toast my granolas in batches and for that I would need slivered almonds, oats, sunflower seeds, raisins, (maybe rice puffs). It’d be so nice if I could make my own granola and almond milk in batches all the time. I would need litre glass bottles and filter funnels as well. A measuring cup.

I would definitely be making oatmeal too so rolled oats is a staple. scrambled eggs with spinach or pancakes with my smoothie would be other alternatives too so I guess breakfast is set with that! for lunch I would most likely eat on campus? I would love packed lunch though.. hmm I should think of that. For packed lunch, tortilla wraps with romaine lettuce, spinach, chicken breast, + any other colorful veges (red or yellow capsicums, purple cabbages, carrots, cucumber, etc) with salads and crumbled nuts for healthy fats would be nice. Other alternatives?

For dinner, buddha bowls would be cute with brown rice, greens, capsicums + other colorful vegs, peanut sauce, peanuts, broccoli and cauliflower. sweet potato fries from the oven on the side or with mix salads with sauce. I really do like more variations for dinner though.

To bring from home

  • spoon, chopsticks, fork, teaspoon
  • small plate for pancakes, fruits, salads
  • my wooden bowls yas
  • a few plastic containers from KL
  • stationery (pencils, pen, highlighters, rulers, post it notes, erasers)
  • cheesecloth – Buy


To buy there

  • wooden spoon
  • measuring cup
  • x3 liter glass bottles
  • set of cute plastic cups
  • mason jar
  • silicon spatula
  • non-stick frying pan
  • saucepan

The point??

Ugh. Time is passing so so fast. I’m at home in Kuching with my family and soon I have to go back to KL for college. I really liked this holiday except for the fact that i think my parents are spoiling me wayyy too much especially since it’s almost my last holiday before I leave for the States. I booked my flight ticket but I’m worried about my visa which the form still hasnt arrived yet. I just ordered new glasses and I’m meeting my a level friends on thursday after their exam. It’s been so long since I’ve seen them and it’s weird because I’m only seeing them for the first time 10+ days after I come to kuching? I dont know, feels weird. I just taught my sis some maths before her re-test because she failed her actual exam. I read some stuff about biology before my next semester starts and also I’m planning on sticking with Speech for next semester. I hate making the video part and all the other effort I have to put in making my speeches but I need 3 more credits??? Also, I’m going to work at Boost when the semester starts. I hope this all goes well lol. It’s my last semester so betta make the best out of it. + I’m gonna make a list of what I’ll need in the States when I transfer so that’ll be my next post.

Anyways, I don’t get the point. Like ugh. What’s all this. So much time passing and I feel like I’m barely enjoying anything. I want to be with my family until I get really sick of them again but do that without getting so spoiled because I feel so bad that my parents are spending sooo much that I’m here. When I’m in the States, they’re going to have to spend more on me anyway. Gah i dont know. Everything hurts and is annoying and I’m getting fat.

Okay bye.

Overnight Oats

Wow, i never thought that I would like overnight oats because the first time i tried it, i almost threw it away- it was cold, dry, and had a weird texture. It was nothing like the normal cooked oats i always made! But i kept seeing overnight oats on Youtube (where I get all my inspos) and I thought, okay if i reaally get this done well to my liking, i could really use it to my benefit since I’ll barely have any dishes (and PLUS i love oats so…)

I tried it. It worked. I love it. so here goes!! I realize that the amount of water/milk was why I hated it previously. I put a lot more than I would for normal oatmeal. p.s. I like to eat it in a tiny glass jar in the morn when running late so do adjust the portion to your liking!!


  • 3 heaping tablespoons of organic rolled oats
  • organic almond/slightly sweet creamy rice milk fully covering the oats + an extra inch level higher
  • 1 tablespoon of chia seeds
  • 1/2 or 1 tablespoon of cinnamon depending on how much you like cinnamon

Mix furiously to get them all incorporated and then after putting the lid on, shake! Put it in the fridge overnight and in the morning, mix it again. A splash of almond milk and with berries/ freshly sliced bananas with any nut (cashews, walnuts, salted macadamia nuts) means YUM in your tum. Peanut or almond butter is optional.

Thank me later.



I’ve been aware of the need to go to they gym and eating healthy to be ‘healthy’, well cause it’s promoted so much on the media. but what i missed out on was mental health regarding the realm of ‘health’. my sleep patterns would be affected by my poor management of stress where there would be periods of time i kept sleeping and feeling tired (before, during, after class) – basically any time of the day. and there would periods of time where i just couldnt sleep at all and had to keep forcing myself to. i would lie on my bed till 3-3.30am in the dark just tossing and turning around.

However, what was affected more was my eating habits. I had gained a LOT of weight since my stay in Kuching. Some people would say it’s because I’m maturing physically with more curves and such. However, i hated it. a lot. i’ve always like the small, skinny physique so I didn’t want to be curvy. what i’d also realize was the amount of unhealthy food i would suddenly eat when study-stressed, bored or after a test or exam. Woo it was just bad.

One more thing I found out was the amount of exercise I really wasn’t doing. I thought the constant walking back and forth from my condo to the school was already being sort-of active because in Sarawak, i never had to walk like that anyway. I was so wrong.

This brings in the professional help I got, which I mentioned in my previous post, towards the end of the year when i really realized that something was wrong and I needed to get my life together. The psychiatrist brought up light (sunlight), exercise or simply watching people exercising and the main issue of dealing with homesickness. i thought i knew what homesickness was because i experienced it v unpleasantly during one holiday without my family but this homesickness was different with a more long lasting duration thing that revolves around your life constantly.

Fast forward to the current situation: so so much better, with tons more exercise and looking less bloated, lost some weight i think? (maybe not on the scale but physically when i see myself in the mirror, it’s better!), and not feeling so homesick anymore!!! I’m still dealing with stress and my eating habits especially. Sleeping schedule’s a icky thing to work on too esp since i’m a mixture between a lion and wolf (the four different types of sleep animals are dolphins, bears, lions and wolves – check it out, it’s freakin cool). I love waking up early and rockin on from the morning and automatically feeling damn tired by 11pm, but sometimes i just continue on with the day till 3am and still feeling fine and productive.

To end this post, i just wanna say how the first 14-15 months of college has really expanded my knowledge of health, exercise and fitness. I love health and always feel like shit if i’ve not been in the gym for 2 weeks which happens sometimes. but its a process and i want to embrace everything im going through. my priorities are in check this year and i love love it! ❤

p.s. aksljfhawe i. cant. decide. on. which. school. to. go. to. i got accepted into all the schools i applied, including University of Illinois, University of Minnesota – Twin Cities, University of Michigan – Ann Arbor (and University of Iowa as my backup). My top choice (and the one I was suuuper anxious about was Umich but now since I got accepted into all of them which I didnt think i would, I’m deciding between Minn and Mich. Fingers crossed that whatever school I pick works out well. urgh! hhahaha

It’s been some time…

Hiiiii it’s been over a year since I’ve written on this blog. This feels so refreshing; writing after so long and rereading my old posts. I almost cant believe how easily I came back to my blog after all this while. A quick update + my perspectives on certain issues I’m into is on the wayyy.

So, I’m in my fourth semester in ADP right now and I’m taking Cross-cultural Communication, French for Culture and Communication 1, General Psychology and Statistics for Business. I’m a vice president for Gravitas, the student union for the ADP community, and I’m an active member in the TUSO fam as a violinist! An upcoming concert: Triplet Concert is on May 6th where we’re collaborating with Sunway Uni and Monash Uni + some SPO people. Got vip tickets for ma famille yays.

I really do feel like I’ve gotten a stronger grip around my life compared to the last year, 2016. It took a while for me to realize how my life was going in a haywire crazy all-over-the-place direction with my physical health, mental health + emotional crashes, sleep, time management, stress stress stress, homesickness, friendship. In fact, I actually sought professional help at a hospital and fortunately, my parents ended up supporting me after some time of adjusting and we’ve grown closer imo 🙂

New Chapter of my Life

Its the first day of CNY here! Happy Lunar New Year to all the peeps celebrating. This was my first time being without my family for cny but also it was my first time being away from Sarawak and all the fireworks, good Chinese food, interaction with everyone and i cannot forget: ang paos.

I went to climb Broga Hill with 2 friends at 4am. It all started the day before (Sunday) when  my friend picked me up at 2pm to go KLCC. From there, we walked around and had some fun around that area as well as going to Pavilion, Sungei Wang and Fahrenheit. We then headed to an area near Shah Alam for fun at night, just to kill time. We ate and walked around the night market then headed to the petrol station where we changed and slept in the car for an hour or so. 3am and we were off to the hill.

The first leg of the hike was sooo difficult and arduous; i panted and heaved, like my heart had a problem. i never felt that weak and tired before. But i pushed harder and kept going. Woo that was definitely a new experience for me. Anyway, the second and third parts were not as hard as the first part, phew. We stayed at the 3rd point- we didnt go to the top… well because i just didnt want to. We waited and waited for hours for the sun. It wAS so cold.

IT WAS AMAZING. WOW. the view was spectacular and breathtaking. The view was sweet and i could feel the pain and tiredness from just before fading away to a distant memory lost somewhere in the back of my mind. It was so worth it. I dont know whether i would like to go back and go through the tough hike again… but i enjoyed this trip nonetheless.

We ate brekkie at Cheras area; i ate Roti Canai and my friends ate Nasi Lemak. We then headed to one of my friends’ house to chill and charge our phones and brains as we desperately needed rest. I slept so ‘tiredly’ as my head and body ached a little. I was so dead tired and my phone was 7% batt so we both charged up during the short stay at her house. We then ate lunch before heading out again to Midvalley this time!

I know… pretty crazy…

We parked at a convenient parking lot and then sat on the KTM which took us to Midvalley. I ate snacks and drank green tea latte as we walked around, exploring and window-shopping. We spent most of our time at Muji (GAH i love Muji). I bought contact lens solution from Watsons and then we were on our way back.

It was around 7pm when i arrived at my place. I said goodbye as they left. What a memorable trip. I spent around 30 hours together with them. What a way to spend cny day 1!

im dead tired. i need sleep. my body hurts. but i wouldnt have wanted to spend that time doing anything else.


here it is again, another year, another set of resolutions…

  1. experience! say yes! try new things even if you’re not really comfortable with it because who knows, great things are bound to happen more when you step out of your comfort zone.
  2. lets read more! im trying to read at least 1 book a month. i might read 3 books on March then not read anything until November, which is something i want to start avoiding by 2016…i want consistency!
  3. a cleaner diet!! please!! i’ve been binging since forever, been sleeping at 2am everyday and barely workout anymore! 😥 I needa start eating healthy but delicious food! i know i can find some good healthy food if i look hard enough for it. and this isnt a resolution so its not going to be the next point.. but rather a goal. I want to workout A LOT more and try to mix cardio and strength training.

Someone i kinda adore said this on a vid about how she got into better shape: take food more seriously, get a trainer, workout A LOT and eat healthy food most of the time.